psychosomatic disorder

psychosomatic disorder
a mental disorder that causes somatic symptoms (Freq. 1)

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  • psychosomatic disorder — Bodily ailment or symptom, caused by mental or emotional disturbance, in which psychological stresses adversely affect physiological (somatic) functioning to the point of distress. Psychosomatic disorders may include hypertension, respiratory… …   Universalium

  • psychosomatic disorder — a disorder in which the physical symptoms are caused or exacerbated by psychological factors, such as migraine headache, lower back pain, or irritable bowel syndrome. The synonym psychophysiologic disorders, used in previous official… …   Medical dictionary

  • psychosomatic — [sī΄kō sō mat′ik] adj. [ PSYCHO + SOMATIC] 1. designating or of a disorder of the body originating in or aggravated by the psychic or emotional processes of the individual 2. designating a system of medicine using a coordinated psychological and… …   English World dictionary

  • disorder — /dis awr deuhr/, n. 1. lack of order or regular arrangement; confusion: Your room is in utter disorder. 2. an irregularity: a disorder in legal proceedings. 3. breach of order; disorderly conduct; public disturbance. 4. a disturbance in physical… …   Universalium

  • Psychosomatic medicine — DiseaseDisorder infobox Name = Psychosomatic illness ICD10 = F40 F48 ICD9 = 300 316 Psychosomatic medicine is an interdisciplinary medical field studying psychosomatic illness, now more commonly referred to as psychophysiologic illness or… …   Wikipedia

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  • psychosomatic — Pertaining to the influence of the mind or higher functions of the brain ( e.g., emotions, fears, desires) upon the functions of the body, especially in relation to bodily disorders or disease. See psychophysiologic. SYN: psychophysical (2).… …   Medical dictionary

  • psychosomatic — psy|cho|so|mat|ic [ˌsaıkəusəˈmætık US kəsə ] adj medical [Date: 1800 1900; : Greek; Origin: psych ( PSYCH ) + somatikos (from soma body )] 1.) a psychosomatic illness is caused by fear or anxiety rather than by a physical problem psychosomatic… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • psychosomatic — psychosomatically, adv. /suy koh seuh mat ik, soh /, adj. 1. of or pertaining to a physical disorder that is caused by or notably influenced by emotional factors. 2. pertaining to or involving both the mind and the body. [1860 65; PSYCHO +… …   Universalium

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